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Contact and Staff Info

Cool Insuring Arena
1 Civic Center Plaza
Glens Falls, New York 12801

  • General Manager: Jeff Mead Ext. 13
  • Event Manager: Alyssa Aufiero Ext. 11
  • Finance Manager: Jalane Lord  Ext. 10
  • Box Office Manager: Avery Giroux Ext. 15
  • Operations Manager: Ron Russell Ext. 16
  • Food/Beverage Manager: Sue Didio, 798-8324

Adirondack Civic Center Coalition Board of Directors: 

President: Daniel Burke, Vice President: Elizabeth Miller, Secretary: Thomas Murphy, CPA, Clay Ashworth, Nicholas Caimano, Douglas Kenyon, Claude Loiselle, Elisabeth Mahoney, Esq, Ed Moore, Lloyd Mott, Robert Nemer, Kevin O’Brien, Paul Pontiff, Fred Vogel.

Glens Falls Civic Center Foundation:

Box Office Hours:

NEW HOURS: Mon-Fri (10am-5pm), Sat/Sun: CLOSED for Summer. TO ORDER BY PHONE, YOU MUST CALL 1-855-432-2849.

Glens Falls Civic Center

Glens Falls Civic Center