Memberships can be purchased at the SeatGeek Box Office at Cool Insuring Arena and are valid for a full calendar year!

Walking Schedule

Click here for June 2024 Walking Calendar!

Walking Policy

All walkers are required to have their membership card with them at all times. In addition- they should be signing in/out in the arena lobby.

Memberships are valid for a full year from the time of purchase.

  • Walkers ages 12-17 must register with the written consent of their parent or guardian.
  • Walkers under the age of 12 are not permitted.
  • Membership cards will be issued to identify those individuals participating in the walking program. (Please have your card on when you come into the arena to walk)

Registration Fees

  • $10.00 per year, per person.

Walking FAQ

The Arena reserves the right to restrict walking due to events or building maintenance. Whenever possible, advance notice of special hours will be posted at the building entrances and online via our social media sites.

Please do not park in the main parking lot during regular business hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. These parking spaces are for those patrons conducting business in the building. Walking across the parking lot is also a great way to add to your exercise time.

Runners should use the outside lane and walkers should use the inside lane. Be courteous of others and do not block both lanes.

* If you experience pain, shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, extreme fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness or any unusual signs or symptoms – STOP IMMEDIATELY and consult your doctor!